Hiring a Plumber? Ask These 10 Essential Questions First

Are you in need of a plumber to fix a leaky faucet or install a new water heater? It can be overwhelming to choose the right plumber for the job. After all, you want to make sure that you hire someone qualified, experienced, and trustworthy. That’s why you need to ask the right questions. Let’s find out what questions you should be asking before hiring a plumber.

1. Are You Licensed and Insured? 

Before hiring a plumber, it’s important to ask if they are licensed and insured. A licensed plumber has the necessary training and experience to handle any plumbing issue, while insurance protects you from any liability in case of an accident.

2. What Are Your Qualifications and Experience?

Ask your plumber about their qualifications and experience. A qualified plumber will have completed an apprenticeship or training program, while experience shows they have successfully handled different plumbing problems.

3. Can You Provide References? 

Before hiring a plumber, ask for references from previous clients. This will give you an idea of the quality of service they provide and the level of customer satisfaction.

4. What Services Do You Offer?

Different plumbers offer different services, so make sure the plumber you hire offers the services you need. Whether fixing a leaky faucet or installing a new water heater, your plumber has to have the expertise to handle the job.

5. What Is Your Pricing Structure?

Enquire about your plumber’s pricing structure. Some plumbers charge by the hour, while others charge a flat rate. Make sure you understand their pricing structure and any additional fees before hiring them.

6. Do You Offer Emergency Services?

Plumbing emergencies can happen anytime, so it’s important to ask your plumber if they offer emergency services. This will ensure that you have access to a plumber when you need them most.

7. What Is Your Availability?

Ask your plumber about their availability. Make sure they can work around your schedule and are available when you need them.

8. What Warranties Do You Offer?

Ask your plumber about any warranties they offer on their work. This will give you peace of mind knowing that if something goes wrong, you are covered.

9. Do You Use Environmentally Friendly Products?

If you are concerned about the environment, ask your plumber if they use environmentally friendly products. This way, you are doing your part to protect the planet.

10. Can You Provide a Written Estimate?

Before hiring a plumber, make sure you get a written estimate of the work to be done. This will help you budget for the job and avoid any unexpected charges when it comes to the final bill.


Hiring a new plumber can be daunting, but by asking the right questions, you can ensure that you hire the right person for the job. Remember to ask about their qualifications, experience, services, pricing, availability, warranties, and environmentally friendly products. By doing so, you can rest assured knowing that your plumbing system is in good hands.

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