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4 Essential Tips for Maintaining Your Home’s Drainage System

It’s not something you usually think about, but your home’s drainage system is one of the most important components of your plumbing system. Without proper maintenance, the pipes drain, and other system components can become clogged or damaged, resulting in costly repair bills, unpleasant odours, and other issues.

This article will discuss four essential tips for maintaining your home’s drainage system to ensure it stays functioning.

Tip #1: Regularly Inspect Your Drains 

How to Inspect Your Drains 

To inspect your drains, first find the drain cover or access point. Then, look inside the drain pipe using a flashlight and a mirror. Look for any debris or foreign objects that could be clogging the drain. If you notice something obstructing the water flow, remove it immediately to avoid further damage.

What to Look For

When examining your drains, check for cracks, leaks, tree roots, rust patches, or other signs of an issue with your drainage system. Additionally, look for any accumulated sediment or sludge build-up that could cause a clog. 

Tip #2: Clean Your Drains Regularly 

How to Clean Your Drains 

Begin by clearing any debris from the drain openings, such as dirt, hair, and soap residue. You can use a drain snare or plunger to help loosen clogs. If you have a kitchen sink, clean out the garbage disposal regularly with an all-natural deodoriser and use a garden hose to remove any lingering gunk from the inside walls of the pipe. 

Benefits of Cleaning Your Drains

Cleaning your drains regularly has numerous advantages, including preventing common blockages, preventing unpleasant odours from taking over your home, and ensuring that your pipes remain clear for longer periods. If you have any issues with your drainage system, it is always better to understand the situation before calling a plumber to fix it.

Tip #3: Use Drain Covers 

What Are Drain Covers? 

Drain covers are metal or plastic grates that fit over a drain, preventing objects like leaves, twigs, or other debris from entering the drainage system. They clean your drainage pipes by trapping objects that can cause clogs and blockages.

Importance of Using Drain Covers

Drain covers are important to drainage systems as they help ensure water flows in the right direction and prevent sewerage from backing up. Additionally, they keep out dirt, debris, and pests while providing a physical barrier to access. 

Tip #4: Avoid Flushing Unsuitable Items Down the Toilet 

What Shouldn’t Be Flushed Down the Toilet?

It is essential to avoid flushing inappropriate items down the toilet, as this can cause blockages and other issues with your drainage system. Sanitary items, paper towels, cotton swabs, Q-tips, cigarette butts, cat litter, and cooking oils or grease are all inappropriate to flush down the toilet.

Possible Consequences of Flushing Unsuitable Items

Flushing unsuitable items down the toilet can negatively affect your home’s drainage system. These can include clogged pipes due to the buildup of materials, damage to sewage lines due to objects being stuck within them, and the need for professional plumbing services to unclog pipes or replace parts of piping systems.


Maintaining your home’s drainage system is an important task that should not be ignored. Following the tips, you can keep your drainage system in good working order and avoid any unnecessary problems. These will ensure that your plumbing system is operating at peak efficiency.

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