Refrigeration Solutions

Refrigeration Solutions for London Businesses: Professional Installation, Maintenance, and Repairs of Commercial Refrigeration Systems

High-performance commercial refrigeration systems are crucial for London businesses, from supermarkets and off-licences to restaurants and pubs. Maintaining optimal refrigeration performance is essential to preserve perishable goods, ensure food safety, and provide ideal storage conditions for temperature-sensitive products. Jensen Property Maintenance, a premier property maintenance firm in London, specialises in refrigeration solutions, offering a wide range of services that cater to all aspects of your business’s cooling needs. Our expertise covers installations, maintenance, repairs, and 24/7 emergency call-outs for various property types throughout Central and Greater London.

In this article, we will discuss the significance of professional refrigeration solutions for London-based businesses and explore the extensive range of services offered by Jensen Property Maintenance. Our expert team is dedicated to providing reliable, efficient, and tailored refrigeration services designed to meet your business’s unique requirements and preferences. By partnering with Jensen Property Maintenance, you can ensure that your commercial refrigeration systems are installed, maintained, and repaired by a professional team committed to delivering exceptional results and outstanding customer satisfaction.

Trust Jensen Property Maintenance as your reliable partner in achieving optimal refrigeration solutions for your London business. Our industry expertise, energy efficiency focus, and innovative refrigeration service approaches guarantee a smooth experience and excellent results tailored to your specific needs. Enhance your business’s performance, profitability, and safety by prioritising effective refrigeration solutions provided by our expert team.

Commercial Refrigeration Systems for Diverse Business Needs

The efficiency and reliability of your commercial refrigeration system can significantly impact your business’s overall performance, food safety, and profitability. Jensen Property Maintenance provides bespoke refrigeration solutions to cater to the diverse needs of different business types:

1. Supermarkets and off-licences: We install and maintain high-quality refrigeration systems designed to preserve perishable goods, display products attractively, and provide appropriate storage conditions for temperature-sensitive items.

2. Restaurants and pubs: Jensen Property Maintenance offers a range of refrigeration solutions for commercial kitchen and bar areas, ensuring effective cooling of ingredients and beverages at optimal temperatures for freshness and taste.

3. Food processing facilities: Proper refrigeration systems are vital for food processing operations, maintaining food safety and prolonging the shelf life of products. Our team will design and install tailored refrigeration solutions suitable to your needs and compliance requirements.

4. Cold storage warehouses: Our team delivers expert installation and maintenance of large-scale, energy-efficient refrigeration systems for businesses with extensive cold storage requirements.

Expert Refrigeration System Design and Installation

A reliable and efficient commercial refrigeration system begins with professional design and installation. Our team of skilled technicians provides bespoke design and installation services tailored to your business’s unique needs and preferences. Key aspects of our design and installation services include:

1. Customised system design: We carefully assess your business’s specific refrigeration requirements, designing a custom solution that meets those needs while maximising energy efficiency.

2. Quality installation: Our expert team performs precise and efficient installations, ensuring that your new refrigeration systems function optimally from day one and adhere to relevant regulations.

3. Energy efficiency: We prioritise energy-efficient solutions that minimise operating costs and contribute to a more environmentally friendly business operation throughout the design and installation process.

4. Scalability: We consider future growth and change within your business, designing refrigeration systems with scalability in mind to avoid future disruptions or the need for unnecessary upgrades.

Regular Maintenance and Cleaning Services

Routine maintenance and cleaning services are essential for maintaining your commercial refrigeration systems’ optimal performance and longevity. Jensen Property Maintenance offers comprehensive maintenance services that include:

1. Inspections: Regular inspections of your refrigeration system help identify any developing issues, such as worn components, leaks, or imbalances, potentially preventing costly breakdowns.

2. Component maintenance: Our team performs routine maintenance on crucial system components, such as compressors, condensers, and evaporators, to ensure they function efficiently and prolong their lifespan.

3. System cleaning: Regular cleaning of refrigeration system components prevents the accumulation of dirt and debris, which can hinder performance and lead to increased energy consumption.

4. Customised maintenance plans: We can develop a tailored maintenance plan to suit your business’s specific needs, ensuring that your refrigeration system consistently operates at peak performance levels.

Prompt Repairs and 24/7 Emergency Support

Unexpected issues with your commercial refrigeration system can disrupt your business operations and threaten product quality. Jensen Property Maintenance provides prompt repair services and 24/7 emergency support to ensure minimal downtime for your business. Our repair services include:

1. Rapid diagnosis: Our experienced technicians can quickly diagnose issues affecting your refrigeration system, enabling quick, effective repairs.

2. Component replacement: We can replace damaged or worn-out system components using high-quality parts to restore your refrigeration system’s performance.

3. Leak repairs: Our team can locate and repair refrigerant leaks, ensuring the efficiency and longevity of your refrigeration system.

4. Emergency support: 24/7 emergency call-out services guarantee immediate support when your business experiences urgent refrigeration issues, minimising disruptions and safeguarding your products.


Investing in professional refrigeration solutions is crucial for London businesses that rely on consistent, efficient, and reliable cooling systems. Jensen Property Maintenance is committed to delivering exceptional, customised refrigeration services that cater to your business’s specific needs and preferences, ensuring optimal system performance and customer satisfaction.

By partnering with Jensen Property Maintenance, you can focus on growing your business with the confidence that your commercial refrigeration systems are expertly designed, installed, maintained, and repaired by a team that prioritises quality, energy efficiency, and innovation. Enhance your business’s performance, safety, and profitability by prioritising effective refrigeration solutions with the help of our expert team.